Iron Works, Milton, Delaware

Iron Works
14726 Gravel Hill Rd
Milton, DE 19968
(302) 684-1887

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Walk in our door and walk away with a turnkey process. Build with steel and your structure will withstand the test of time better than a wood structure. Just as in a standard stick built home, each piece of the structure has to be cut and fitted exactly right in order for it to be sturdy.

Steel requires a little more attention, especially with various lengths and grades available, so we don’t just want to jump into cutting, welding and throwing things together. We need to create a plan.

Details & Drawings

At Iron Works in Milton, first we step back and work out a design that is engineered to hold up against the elements. Once we have a drawing in place, we begin the process of precision fabricating each piece. Remember, steel isn’t as easy as wood to work with in the field. We strive to 'get it right the first time' at our 10,000 square feet shop in Milton, DE. While we're equipped with the necessary tools to cut and assemble each part of the structure, the computer controlling the units makes sure that each piece is exactly correct in order to prepare for the erection process.